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GG and G Mossberg 590 Sling Fixed Stock, Tri-Glide Front Sling

The 590 Shotgun Sling is a two point sling that can be used in three positions; tactical ready position, in an over the shoulder carry position or in a back pack sling mode. It is specifically manufactured to fit a fixed stock. The webbing neatly fits around the back of the stock and places the sling on the side of the stock to enhance the tactical ready position. The tri-glide front threads through your existing front sling attachment and is tightly held in place by a keeper assembly. The Wilderness Sling Does Not Come With A Front Sling Attachment.

In the tactical ready mode for a right-handed shooter, the webbing is over the top of the right shoulder and supporting the weight of the rifle. It passes around the back and under the left armpit to the forend of the gun where it is attached to the slider buckle. The webbing attached to the forend passes back through this slider, then passes through another at the rear stock attachment point or at the back of the receiver before going up over the shoulder. When properly adjusted, the butt of the shotgun should sit just below the right shoulder at about mid-chest level. The butt of the weapon should rest naturally in the shoulder pocket when the weapon is brought up on target. When released, the rifle hangs vertically against the user's chest with the muzzle aimed straight, or slightly angled to the ground. This allows you to use your hands without losing control or access to your primary weapon and makes operations such as transitioning to a secondary weapon, opening doors or check a map (just to name a few) significantly easier.

Like all Wilderness Tactical products, this sling is manufactured to exceptionally high standards of design and construction from the finest materials available. Giles uses 1.25" treated, extra heavy duty black nylon webbing (supports weight much better than 1" material) and black low-reflective polymer hardware.

The Giles webbing is much more rigid than typical cheap webbing. It holds its form well when getting into or out of the sling (much like leather), and holds up much better under rough field conditions than soft, shapeless webbing. Giles pays more to use the best materials, but Giles doesn't think you would want it any other way. As always, connections are multi-stitched and back stitched

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GGG 1174

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